Today's Video Share: Sparks are Flying by Samantha Sargeant

Samantha is a singer from Kingston New Hampshire. I chose her as the one to sing an album that I produced featuring some of the very best songs written by songwriters with exemplary talents. I am going to have the album presented to record labels, after a period of several months where we get some feedback through social media as well as shows Women of Substance Radio. The musicians on this recording are formerly and / or currently in the following bands.....Elton John, Ringo Star, David Lee Roth, En Vogue, Pink, The Pointer Sisters, Paula Abdul......and the mastering was done by a 6 time Grammy award engineer. It is a finished product, a master recording, not a demo. In addition to performing with 2 different bands, Samantha also works days as a horseback riding instructor for kids at Verrill Farms in New Hampshire. She is 28 yrs old, is married, and has a 6 month boy, and she is most definitely a high character individual, and a woman of substance. Physical CD's are available at no charge to anyone. They are promotion only tools. Facebook page is Samantha Sargent. She was 5 months pregnant when we did the video although you can't tell.......we ended the video with a scene that showed a pregnant woman.....not something you would normally see in a music video. But it has "substance" because of it. Thank You.......Lee Gianangelo / Producer