Today's Video Share: Back Together by Lynz Crichton

 Lynz Crichton is an independent award-winning singer-songwriter from Nottingham in the UK and her style is reminiscent of female musicians like Jewel, Grace Potter and Amy MacDonald. She is part of the new wave of independent musicians, where friends of her music are at the center of everything she does. Her recent double EP release was called 'We Made This' and was born out of a project where Lynz would include her Crichton Clan at every step of the way. She recorded acoustic demo's of as many songs as she could within the first 90 days of 2018, and then asked the Crichton Clan to vote on which ones they wanted on the EP. The response blew her away, and very quickly she realised that her followers wanted to be part of the creative process. The Limited Run of CD's sold out within two weeks and now Lynz wants to share her music with you too. This music video for Back Together was the very first single Lynz ever released. If you'd like to be part of the next project inside the Crichton Clan, go to or head over to

Twitter Handle: LynzCrichton