Today's Video Share: At The Bottom of The Garden by Anna Durkacz and The Professors of Logic


 This is me singing my song, At the Bottom of the Garden, with my band The Professors of Logic. This video was filmed at The Phoenix in Edinburgh, during the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. All the songs in the show are originals by me, on the subject of growing old. I'm a late developer, starting singing and song-writing at the age of 58, as part of a journey of healing, following the sudden death of my husband and 22 year-old son in the same year. All of my songs are a bit wacky and are written from the safe vantage point of the over-60s. The genre could be described as "post-menopausal-post-folk", and I have been called "the Beryl Cooke of song-writing" with two successful Fringe shows under my belt.
The band consists of a group of friends with various musical backgrounds, who met at pub sessions and through playing in other bands. Look us up on Facebook as well as You Tube!