Today's Video Share: Free by Kim O'Leary

This song Free is about the liberation of women for social, political and financial boundaries.

Kim O'Leary was born in Melbourne Australia into a family of musicians. In her late teens she traveled to the USA to further her quest for music. Under the management of Stevie Wonder’s attorney she signed a record deal with Motown Records. She was one of the only white artists to ever get signed to Motown. Her single “Put The Pieces Back” went into the top 40 in the US charts (AC) and from there she secured a publishing deal with Berry Gordy’s company, Jobete Music. This gave her the opportunity to work with some of the best producers and writers in New York. Since then Kim has traveled throughout the USA, Europe and Australia performing, recording and producing as an independent artist. She has had multiple artists record her songs, including placement in movies and television in the USA and UK.