Today's Video Share: Make Me A Butterfly by Amy Barbera

Artist Name: Amy Barbera

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Amy Barbera- "Make Me A Butterfly" Music Video & Original Song 

Inspirational singer-songwriter Amy Barbera is so excited to share her heavenly, fantastical & magical "Make Me A Butterfly" music video & original song with all of you! Get ready to go on a magical journey with Amy...where dreams take you to heavenly places filled with God's hope, love & butterflies! Amy wrote her special song "Make Me A Butterfly" to bring hope and encouragement to those who are hurting or for those who just need some daily inspiration! 

*** Amy's "Make Me A Butterfly" Music Video Awards Are As Follows.....
Global Music Awards- 2019 BRONZE MEDAL WINNER
French Riviera Film Festival- Cannes, France- 2019 Semi Finalist
Christian International Film & Music Festival- 2019 Official Selection

Twitter Handle: AmyBarbera