Today's Video Share: Evolix EPK Video by Evolix

Evolix is a pop duo from the diverse streets of Brockton, Massachusetts. The group is made up of the Kotsiopoulos sisters, who are gifted with unique, yet cohesive, voices. Their high energy and incredibly harmonic sound is a synergistic blend of pop and EDM. Alexis and Korina have been working together since early childhood, developing their sound, and writing all original music. Their sound can be compared to that of Dua Lipa and The Chainsmokers.

Twitter Handle: evolixofficial

Today's Video Share: Fly Me Up - by Miss Mojo

We are excited to announce the first Single off Miss Mojo’s upcoming debut full-length album - Fly Me Up - releasing April 27th, 2018! Fly Me Up is an upbeat and uplifting song, and a musical embodiment of energy, possibility, optimism, and youth. The accompanying music video enhances this message with its dynamic sequences and vibrant portraits of New Orleanian landscapes.

Miss Mojo is an 8-piece group based in New Orleans, best described as Soul / Pop. In January of 2017, Miss Mojo released its debut EP, Up & Personal, a six-track album whose soulful ballads and body-loosening funk tunes demonstrate the band’s versatility. The group is slated to release its sophomore album, Love in Time, on June 7th, following two singles (April 27th, May 18th).


Today's Video Share: Old Birds by Bumper Jacksons

Like an old-time barn dance in downtown New Orleans, the Bumper Jacksons pull together a vast array of early American traditions into a deliciously cohesive sound that strikes you right in the heart. Country swing, old-time blues, brassed-up bluegrass - these high-spirit wonders do and love it all. Powerhouse vocals are flanked by a dexterous pedal steel and a brassalicious horn section, all supported by dynamic drums and bass. Frontwoman Jess Eliot Myhre leads the hard-swinging grooves with co-conspirator and songwriter Chris Ousley. At the center of it all, is an invitation to join in – be it a rowdy dance, a moment of soulful intimacy, or a movement to make a better world.

"Old Birds" is a Jess Eliot Myhre original, honoring the fact that we cannot be our best selves all of the time. But as we yearn to change ourselves and the world around us, we need understanding, forgiveness and love. The video is an empowering (literal) explosion of fun and joy, showing images of our next generation busting apart oppressive -isms.

Twitter Handle: bumperjacksons

Today's Video Share: Who We Were Before by Yvette Nacer

Written during a dark and painful time for Yvette Nacer, "Who We Were Before" really wrote itself and was a healing process for her. Even though the track, written as a lullaby on a Tres Cubana, which is a little Cuban guitar, is the most stripped down record Yvette has put out. She wanted to release it in the event that it can help even one person who listens to it.

Twitter Handle: Yvette_G_Nacer

Today's Video Share: That Girl by Ashleigh Rogers

Ashleigh Rogers is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from Arkansas. With a wide range of musical inspirations, her own sound falls somewhere between Country, R&B, and Pop. She began performing and recording music at an early age, and by the age of 11 she had co-written her first song. After lessons in fiddle and guitar early on, Ashleigh later found a love for playing the piano. She made the move to Nashville in 2017, and since then has submerged herself in the writing scene there. Her self-love party anthem "That Girl" is the first single from her debut EP, recorded in Nashville, TN with producer Brian Bunn. They both co-wrote the song with Fred Wilhelm. The acoustic version, played by Jesse Tucker, is shown in the video, where Ashleigh also speaks briefly about her writing process and the meaning behind the song. The video was produced in Nashville, by Handmade Productions.

Twitter Handle: ashleighrogersm

Today's Video Share: Not The Only One by Every Lovely Thing

Not The Only One is the 2nd single from the duo Every Lovely Thing! Available on CDBaby:
and iTunes: Follow us on Twitter! @evrylovelything

This song was written by Kate Stanton and Marianne Kesler (aka Every Lovely Thing) and produced by Ben Kesler at Red Pill Studio. Video footage by Every Lovely Thing. Shout out to Luke DeJaynes who played drums on the track and special thanks to Caleb & Kate Peyton who starred in the video!

We feel like the new song is very accessible … probably every one can relate to feeling like they are the only one in some situation during their life. On a personal note, we are reflecting on our personality type (both INFJs on the Myers-Briggs) that can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation, or not being understood. One favorite line is “weighed down with sorrow so much deeper than out own” as INFJs not only struggle with our own issues and perfectionism, but also deeply care about the greater whole of society and thus can become weighed down with the collective sorrow of the world. We crave being known (intimacy) with others and ultimately with God. Our duo is testament to the fact that there are others out there like ourselves - it has been amazing to find a friend and cowrite with a kindred spirit!

Twitter Handle: evrylovelything

Today's Video Share: Push Pull by Lia Menaker

With a voice described by critics as "soulful, haunting," "soothing and accessible", Lia Menaker has emerged onto the singer-songwriter scene as a soulful storyteller, infusing edgy poetry and a theatrical flair into a musical blend of pop, rock, and blue-eyed soul. Think Amy Winehouse meets Fiona Apple in an old cabaret club.

In her newest release ''Push Pull', Menaker sings about the frustrating back and forth emotions one feels in an unhealthy, push-pull type of relationship. One moment, you feel love and affection that feels very honest and real, and the next moment, that same partner pushes you away in fear. The song came after an intense relationship Menaker experienced while trying online dating; it was a way for her to say everything she wanted to say to the guy but never quite had the courage to say.

Twitter Handle: liamenaker

Today's Video Share: Gravel Rag by Holy Moly and the Crackers

Holy Moly & The Crackers - the UK-based high-octane six piece - return with smoking new single and video 'Gravel Rag', a track inspired by the infamously wild nightlife of their hometown, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne (UK). The track plays on the punkish grunt of the band’s 2017 album Salem, whilst referencing the folk and blues tradition that the band root themselves in.

"Gravel Rag purposefully has a vintage vibe to it - the song itself is named after an old piano rag from 1908. We wanted to tip our hat to our influences and inspirations. But, at the same time we worked hard to make sure that it still contemporary, alive and kicking. We tried to mirror that relationship between old and new in the video by working with two professional dancers: Elise Hopper, a local swing dance teacher, and Lerato Mncube, a contemporary dancer and teacher. They are the frame for the band.”

Produced by Matt Terry at VADA Studios and mixed by Dan Austin (who's credits include The Pixies), 'Gravel Rag' illustrates the force that they've become a force in the studio, capturing the feverish energy of their potent live show; a show they're bringing to a host of UK festivals this year including Bestival, Boomtown, Bearded Theory, Lost Evenings, Wilderness, Beautiful Days and more, before their largest ever UK headline tour in November.

Twitter Handle: holymolyhq

Today's Video Share: Lay Her Down by Velvet & Stone

Velvet & Stone’s brand of contemporary folk combines haunting soundscapes with catchy pop hooks and great songs – giving an original and beautiful take on a traditional genre. Crafting their live set with performances at Cambridge Folk Festival, Celtic Connections and Somersault, they take their audiences on a journey through stunning melodies and soundscapes to foot-stomping folk-rock.

Led by the ethereal combination of Lara Snowdon’s vocals and songwriting, and Kathryn Tremlett’s violin, Velvet & Stone’s music draws upon personal stories, melancholy tales and rugged landscapes, creating a sound that is difficult to forget. The band are currently touring as a four-piece with Kev Jackson on guitar, and Paddy Blight on double bass. Their writing has strong folk-revival flavours, combined with the raw appeal of contemporary influences such as Seth Lakeman, The Cranberries and The Levellers.

The band released their new single ‘ Raise Your Ghosts ‘ in August 2017, followed by the The Embers EP in October 2017. Their music has gained plaudits from across the music press, airtime on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio Scotland and BBC Radio Wales and is championed by BBC Introducing. In 2018, they will be releasing new music and videos, and working on their debut album. 

Twitter Handle: VelvetStoneMus

Today's Video Share: Flashbacks by We are the Way for the Cosmos to Know Itself

We are very pleased to finally release this first piece of the forthcoming EP that we have been working on for the past year. In many ways Flashbacks captures the sound and the themes that we have been exploring in this process. It is about bittersweet nostalgia and longing, where memories exist in the borderline between happiness and anxiety. Remembering the past in differing shades of light. We have been working with a sound which is not a specific vintage sound of a past decade nor is it the sound of modern pop music. It is more about remembering the sound of yesteryears synth pop music than reproducing it.

Today's Video Share: I Know A Place by Line Bøgh

Since 2017, Line has been touring with the visual artist, Christian Gundtoft. They have a pretty original live show combining her music with drawings and animations. While she plays, live visuals are being projected directly up on the stage, and Line becomes “part of the painting”. The stories of the songs are being told through the drawings, and it creates a quite, special and cinematic concert experience. Also the video was made by Christian Gundtoft: It took 2000 frames to make Line jump into another fantastic world.

Today's Video Blog: Can't Get Over You by JeNNa Nation

On the heels of her L.A. show dates, global R&B/pop diva, JENNA Nation unveils Can’t Get Over You, the newest audio-visual project off her chart topping album, You Don’t Know (currently playing on well over 500 stations worldwide) and voted Best R&B Album of 2017 by Music Canada Magazine. “The visual project for Can’t Get Over You is an exploration into the timeless feeling of sadness and loss from a relationship that didn’t turn out favorably,” comments JENNA Nation. “I wanted to give viewers a glimpse of hope in that loss and remind them of the beauty in the experience.”
Written and produced by A+A, with Trvth Music, Donny Anderson and JENNA Nation, Can’t Get Over You is dubbed “the album’s standout track” and voted as one of Canadian Music Blog’s 30 Best Songs of 2017.

Twitter Handle: jennagnation

Today's Video Share: Cellophane by namaka

This video was released on the 19th of February 2018; premiered on The song, Cellophane is taken from the first EP, Apron Ties. Directed by Marc Wilhelm, it associates the singer, a dancer and some more abstract forms, representing a feminine honesty.

Namaka is analogical and digital, organic and mechanical; the swiss electropop band namaka finds its balance in between rough electronic beats and fluid sound-scapes.
One of Sophie Adam’s most relevant influences is without doubt the Icelandic artist Björk. Her feminine way of creating music veiled in rough electronic beats particularly fascinates the young singer. Precisely, this conflict between the Human and the machine inspired the band's first EP. Produced by Alexandre Maurer (Marquis Malanga), this Debut called Apron Ties was released in April 2017. Feminine touch and moon landscapes, this first EP opens new horizons, in which the voice draws a golden line.

Twitter Handle: namakamusic

Today's Video Share: Seeing in Blue by Castle Black

Castle Black is a Brooklyn-based rock band, bringing a powerful and thunderous sound, full of hard-hitting jams, never sacrificing the hook. Described as drawing from punk, post-punk, grunge, alternative and new wave, Castle Black refuses to be pinned down to a genre. Each song careens through an almost stream of consciousness depiction of life stories, social anthems and raw emotions. Gritty female vocals, roaring drums, melodic bass and guitar-forward hooks collide, staying in your head for days on end.

They have been described as “the kind of band you want to catch on the way up” (New York Music Daily), whose “sound is an inventive and stimulating mixture of genres,” making “Castle Black’s style one of a kind.” (Indie Rock Café) Castle Black is “capturing the NY sound with a subdued, crunchy Garage-band sound with a slight L-7-esque edge to their own concoction.” (Musically Fresh) Indie Rock Café selected Castle Black for their Best DIY and Indie Rock 2016 list. NY Music Daily included the EP Trapped Under All You Know on their Best of 2017 list, the EP release show on their Best Shows of 2017 list and the single "Broken Bright Star" on the Best Songs of 2017 list. Music Existence named the band among their Top Alternative Rock Picks of 2017.

The video for "Broken Bright Star" was directed and filmed by Erik Kops at Purple Throne, and filmed in Brooklyn.

Twitter Handle: castleblacknyc

Today's Video Share: Never Enough by Joan Mercury

Never Enough is the first single from Joan Mercury's debut album, Mercury Rising (Out this Summer). An album about how to cope in loss in love and trying to find yourself again. The concept of the video is trying to showcase how disconnected we can be. In constant search of validation on social media and longing for someones attention. The importance shifts to how many followers and likes do I have? You miss that maybe everything you were looking for, is right in front of you. You don't know what you have until its gone.

Twitter Handle: JoanMercury