Today's Video Share: Tinted Glasses by Maggie Schneider

Maggie's new EP, "Tinted Glasses" (produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low) is all about what she has learned in the last two years about people, relationships, and of course, herself. She says:

"The single of the same name is the most personal track that I’ve written, and it’s about struggling to making a relationship work when the person you’re with is pushing you away. I wrote this song after a long, rainy day – I was feeling low and wanted to write something raw and relatable. I felt inspired so the song was written really quickly, and the video was made even faster.

Britain Weyant directed and edited the video – I wanted it to be really simple and for it to visually emphasize an unhealthy relationship, and the difficulties of connecting with that other person. I’m proud of how the video turned out because I feel that it captures the feeling of the song."

Twitter Handle: rockin_mags

Today's Video Share: Dark Minds by Flor and the Sea

Munich-based Indie-Electropop duo Flor and the Sea was founded originally in 2015 as a 5 piece band project. The following year they released their first two singles Hold your Breath and Shed No Tear, accompanied by first major gigs at Digital/Analog, Muffat Winterfest and Import/ Export. Within short time they gained a certain notoriety, leading to renowned German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung electing them Band of the Week. After the sudden split up in early 2017, Marc Aretz (git) and Chaem (voc) decided to keep the project alive and continue as a duo. During the following months Flor and the Sea reimagined their sound from the ground up, incorporating new influences from the likes of Alt J, Radiohead and London Grammar. Testimony to this development is their brooding and multifaceted new single Dark Minds, which was released on March 19th 2018. Recorded and mixed by Moritz Enders, of Casper and Kraftclub fame, it features a vast and luscious sound world, rich in ambient guitars, ethereal vocals and vintage analogue synths, confronted by driving beats from a live drum set.

"The video features arrested rabbits and dancing foxes. The track builds up alongside the tension of the video with mournful vocals being joined by electro melodies and marching percussion. This track tells a story visually, musically and lyrically." York Calling

Today's Video Share: Falling Out of Love by Aloud Aloud

“Falling Out of Love” is the latest example of the prodigious output from Aloud. Long known for their progressive, propulsive rock and roll sound, band members Henry Beguiristain, Jen de la Osa, and Charles Murphy opt to add a generous dose of classic R&B to the drive and deliberation of their signature style. A horn section -- affectionately dubbed “The Feelgoods”-- reflects the ongoing influence of Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and other classic soul singers of an earlier era. It is, the trio insists, a natural bridge from their latest album, the highly lauded It’s Got To Be Now, and their upcoming full length effort due for release in 2018.

The video was inspired by a news item the pair came across about the Cassini Legacy mission to study Saturn over the course of 10 years. de la Osa and Beguiristain envisioned Cassini and Saturn as past-due lovers trapped in a loveless situation. The duo perform the song amid scenes of the spacecraft and the planet dissolving their relationship. Haunting sounds of Saturn captured by the Cassini mission end the video.

Twitter Handle: aloudonline

Today's Video Share: Crushin' by Brenda Burch

Described as the little girl with a big voice, Brenda Burch has had 8 songs in the Top 7 on the country charts with two songs hitting the #1 spot. Sharing the stage with Darius Rucker, Neal McCoy, Collin Raye and many others, her music has resonated with fans world-wide.

She wrote the song, "Crushin'," about having a crush on someone and being twitterpated every time that person crosses your mind. The music video is filled with dancing, a motorcycle, outfit changes and lots of rockin' guitar.

Twitter Handle: brenda_burch

Today's Video Share: Mathematics by Amira Hairston

My name is Amira and I am from the USA. Music has always been apart of my life. It was always around when I was younger, so it was only a matter of time before I got the bug. Now, I was a shy child, but once I broke out of that, I was ready. So, 'Mathematics' is a breakup song, so it details a breakup in a clever, mathematical way and the video is just the visual of that. You can actually see me as I make my way through the steps of that breakup. The video isn't mathematical, but it is a representation of the song.

Twitter Handle: AmirasMuzic

Today's Video Share: Not Your Pin Up Girl by Katie Coleman

Defiant, empowering, and rebellious, three words that sum up Katie Coleman’s new single perfectly, ‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ is released April 13 and is set to become an instant hit.
‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ is a song that speaks to a generation of young people held down by the weight of societal pressures, it is a single that encourages everyone to break away from these expectations and live authentically.

Hailing from Darlington, this young singer songwriter is no stranger to performing, she has been gigging since the age of thirteen and writing music for much longer. It was in these early gigging days that she became acquainted with James Arthur, a relationship that ultimately led to him asking Katie Coleman to support him on his UK tour. Katie has also supported Nothing But Thieves, shared a stage with Mel C, and has top-lined on a Tinchy Stryder record.

‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ starts with vocals and a paired down piano accompaniment, a decision that lets Katie Coleman’s voice truly shine. She has an incredible range, and she moves through the octaves with a natural fluency, a feat made more remarkable by the depth and power of her voice. The track is then taken up a gear with the inclusion of a bold and commanding drum beat, an addition that matches the powerful sentiment of the track. ‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ is a song that encourages women to be authoritative and confident, and this is helped by the strong drum part.

‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ has a clear feminist message, it is about women reclaiming their bodies and their style. “I didn’t put this dress on so you could take it off / I didn’t put this lipstick on so you could kiss is off”, it is a song about women doing things for themselves, and not for men. It has a truly inspiring message.

The accompanying video for ‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ is just as empowering as you would expect it to be. It was shot in the streets surrounding Manchester’s G.A.Y and, the message is clear: look the way that you want to look, and be the way that you want to be.

‘Not Your Pin Up Girl’ is strong, bold, and powerful. It is being released on April 13th, and if this single is anything to go by then 2018 is setting up to be a very exciting year for this courageous young singer song writer.

Twitter Handle: katie_coleman

Today's Video Share: Official Trailer for The Last Time by Tiffany Hill

 The Last Time is a domestic violence awareness film project currently airing on Aspire TV. Starring Tommy Ford, Charmin Lee and many more talented actors, this film will engage audiences and prompt discussions regarding healthy relationships nationwide. The Executive Producer Tiffany Hill is an advocate for authentic conversation surrounding the issue of domestic abuse and invites you to join this collective effort at

Twitter Handle: th_authentic

Today's Video Share: Living Without Me by Kim Cameron

A brand-new production using New York City’s producer Kevin Rockhill. This deep house arrangement has all the classic lounge sounds with a fresh melody and a hook line “Can you call it ‘living’ without me?” A last-minute decision to add an additional original to the Greatest Hits album. After touring Croatia for the Dubrovnik Music Wave Festival, Kim got inspired on the road and came back with a record in her head ready to record. Featured artist includes Mexico City’s guitarist David Cossu. 

The video has an unusual modern twist of Young Frankenstein meets a girl in Miami. Actor Lee Dahlberg and Latin singer El Parce join the cast in this tongue-in-cheek story. For more on Kim, go to

Twitter Handle: sidefxband



Today's Video Share: I Say No by Rita Bergmann

This song is dedicated to freedom from abuse, to inspire the listener/singer with the courage to say 'no' to what feels wrong.

The songs I write always have the intention to uplift and cause something good to happen. They are about heart desires to come true.

A big thank you to James Quinn at JAM Studios who impressed me big time with his kindness and the production.

Filmed at Dun a Ri Forrest Park in Ireland I had a wonderful day in stunning nature with Noel and Aiden from Bad Apple Films.

I would like to thank U2 for infusing me with bliss from their music at my lowest times.

Today's Video Share: Whatcha Worried About by Simply Rayne

Simply Rayne is the singer and songwriter of her hit song “Whatcha Worried About”. The song draws its listeners into a groove that makes you forget your worries and instead enjoy the moment of life your living in now. Rayne strolls through the city streets on her way to a party, picking up friends and followers along the way. The video culminates with a uplifting gathering on the rooftop with party-goers lighting up the night and dancing the night away.

Twitter Handle: SimplyRayne

Today's Video Share: I Don'tt Want Love by Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene

Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene is now infamous for their no-holds-barred, pedal-to-the-metal live shows and their reputation has landed them on some of the best stages, shows and festivals throughout the US. From playing sweaty, sold-out clubs as a headliner, to the coveted support slot for Brian Setzer  and The Steve Miller Band, the band is wowing audiences everywhere. 

The Crime Scene is the "secret weapon" for every kind of festival or show. The band has elements of rockabilly, blues, classic rock and soul and has won over huge crowds of all genres and age groups. Their high-energy stage presence exudes fun, positivism and always gets everyone dancing. 

This is their video "I Don't Want Love."



Today's Video Share: Singing My Song by Kimberley Witkowski

My name is KYM D.I was sexually abused by my Step-father from the age of 4 to 10.5 years old. I wrote "Singing My Song" to have a voice for myself, to put my shame to bed because he was the one with shame not I. I once may have been a Victim but now I stand strong with many others as a strong-willed Survivor to tell my fortunate story of triumph. The Producers of the TV Show Blue Bloods on CBS found my voice, story and song a project of LOVE and donated their time in there off season to produce my video. I am grateful for the opportunity and just pray I can be an example to many that it is possible to Overcome darkness & find the light. XOXO,KYM D

Today's Video Share: Dream by Naina Jinga

Naina Jinga - is a composer and a classically trained pianist who specializes in light classical piano music with a romantic and sensitive touch.

Naina began playing the piano at the age of four, and writing her first compositions at twelve. She has appeared as a piano-soloist with Romanian orchestras, in solo and piano-duos piano recitals. She graduated from the "Gheorghe Dima" Academy of Music in 1991 (B.Mus), where she was later appointed as an Assistant Professor and, in 1998, as an University lecturer. She holds a M.Mus and a Ph.D. in Composition with a “Magna cum Laudae”.
In 2003, Naina Jinga moved to Canada, where she attended graduate studies in Composition at the University of Western Ontario, studying with Dr. Peter Paul Koprowski. She has written extensively in instrumental, vocal, choral, chamber music and orchestral genres with performances in Canada, Romania, Ukraine, France, Norway, Czech Republic, and Australia. She is also the recipient of many international awards and scholarships, among them, the Romanian Composers’ League Prize and the UNESCO award and scholarship.

"We are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams ... Dare to dream!"
Enjoy this romantic and touching piano solo music composed in 2017 by Naina Jinga!

Today's Video Share: The Same Thing by Kirsten Manville

With elements of Americana, folk, country, and blues, singer/songwriter Kirsten Manville creates songs that feel like they may have come straight from journal entries. Deceptively simple lyrics paint pictures, tell stories, and evoke a range of emotions. Kirsten's music is refreshing and straightforward, and her warm and sultry voice draws the listener in, infusing the songs with feeling and depth.

Her song "The Same Thing" with a lovely bare bones production that features piano and acoustic guitar, captures the pain of longing for someone who longs for someone else. The video brings that story to life, with a melancholy atmosphere, and flashback scenes that shift between color and black and white.

Twitter Handle: kirstenmanville