Today's Video Share: The Same Thing by Kirsten Manville

With elements of Americana, folk, country, and blues, singer/songwriter Kirsten Manville creates songs that feel like they may have come straight from journal entries. Deceptively simple lyrics paint pictures, tell stories, and evoke a range of emotions. Kirsten's music is refreshing and straightforward, and her warm and sultry voice draws the listener in, infusing the songs with feeling and depth.

Her song "The Same Thing" with a lovely bare bones production that features piano and acoustic guitar, captures the pain of longing for someone who longs for someone else. The video brings that story to life, with a melancholy atmosphere, and flashback scenes that shift between color and black and white.

Twitter Handle: kirstenmanville

Today's Video Share: Why is a Good Man So Hard to Find? by Linda Carone

This is a song that was written in 1940 and the question remains the same to this day - in 2018. This is my new music video (self-directed/edited) just in time for Valentines Day.  Check out the video where I give a little shoutout to the 'first lady of jazz" and the woman behind the man Louis Armstrong, Ms. Lil Hardin Armstrong.

LINDA CARONE is a vintage jazz and blues vocalist; a niche song stylist and an interpreter of popular music from the 1930’s and beyond. With a voice that has been described as ‘beautiful, rich, sultry and provocative,' Ms. Carone’s raw and natural approach to music has shaped her vocal style in a way that is playful, intimate, and unpretentious. With an uncanny ability to carefully choose songs that fit her voice like a glove, Linda aims to transcend the heart of the song.

Today's Video Share: Let Me Hear Your Voice by Estela Nieves

On January 8, 2012, Pastor Ismael and Estela excitedly answered the call to a new opportunity as Belmont launched a service geared to our Spanish-speaking community here at Belmont.

Estela is the Spanish Lyricist and Solo Singer of the song: “Quiero Oír Tu Voz” ESTELA!' Translated: "Let Me Hear Your Voice" (Say)!

Twitter Handle: Jgroovemusic2k

Today's Video Share: Scatter the Ashes by Kristy Ferguson

This is a music video from new EP 'Scatter the Ashes' which is released on 26th of January. I am a singer - songwriter who plays guitar, bass, keyboard and I am currently teaching myself to play the drums. The track was written at home in my little studio room in my flat in Newcastle, England. As well as being a multi instrumentalist I also record, produce, mix and master all of my own tracks and hope to do this for other artists in the future.

You can find more of my tracks and my previous EP release on the below link:

Twitter Handle: kristymferguson

Today's Video Share: Village People by Tina Smith

Village People is taken from the new album, AWAKE, released July 10, 2017. The song is an upbeat and energetic call to unity for all people, of all walks of life. The message of the song, and of the artist as well, is one of acceptance, love, and the ability to walk alongside those with whom we don't necessarily agree. Tina Smith writes about life and living it, and the search for a way that makes sense for us as individuals, yet also considers the implications of being a part of one beautiful HUMAN race.

Twitter Handle: tinasmithmusic

Today's Video Share: Sweet SantaFe by Baxter Rivero

If you can imagine the warmth of the Caribbean ocean, and the remembrance of a haunting prairie field, the joy of a community coming together, and the zest of a family fiesta. Then you can imagine the kind of music Sweet SantaFe creates. Firmly rooted in their own traditions, Penelope Christine Baxter a songwriter from Alberta and Michel Rivero Mordoch a Cuban Troubadour and Trova writer met and the incendiary passion began.
Their debut album Santa Fe is thickly woven from the threads of a strong background in choral singing, stitched together with words in Spanish and English creating a blanket so warm you’ll want to snuggle up to enjoy their songs of cinematographic scenes that carry hope, joy and love.

Their songs are authentic, their rhythmic blends are rich, giving their audiences a fresh and infectious experience that the world is so in need of. This is no Buena Vista Social Club, nor is it simply a folk, country or pop album. It’s original. Two writers following their truth, with an intrinsic need to create connection where ever they are. I dare you, close your eyes and be transported.

Today's Video Share: Dans l'au-delà by Cathy Varna

CATHY VARNA – “THE SENSUAL DIVA” sing her song " Dans l'au-delà" on an oriental latino rhythm

Cathy is a strong willed artist, an amazing and multi talented performer who enchants and surprises us with both her own original repertoire and covers of well known French and international songs. Cathy Varna, is a singer-songwriter-lyricist-producer and editor, She’s an exceptional interpreter with many facets, silver medalist of the French Grand Prix of Humanity of UNESCO (Paris) 2017, takes us into a mystical,spiritual and romantic universe, in the harmony of great feelings, beautiful melodies, in universal love and the peace.

Twitter Handle: CathyVarna

Today's Video Share: Start Over by JENJEN Wilson

Singer/songwriter/DJ/producer and crystal sound alchemist, JENJEN, weaves her eclectic vocals on a bed of neo-soul trip-hop, dub, broken beats and ethnic percussion, laced with haunting strings, crystal singing bowls, and elements of folk and jazz on her new album, Crystal Ocean, highly acclaimed by LA publishers.

Start Over, the new single from the album, is a journey through addiction, separation, loss and grief, to our ultimate reconnection with the Divine Light within.

Playing around the world for over two decades, JENJEN’s music has been compared to Portishead, Thom Yorke, Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins), Enya, Kate Bush, early Massive Attack, Sandy Denny, Joan Baez, Natasha Atlas, Joni Mitchell, Melanie, and Aphex Twin!
JENJEN has DJ’d alongside some of the world’s finest DJ’s, including Grandmaster Flash, Daddy Gee, the Freestylers and Scratch Perverts. She has sung with Peewee Ellis (James Brown band), The O’Roonies, and her previous band Snipe, who were rated by John Peel and coveted by 4AD before their split in 2003.

"A fearless blend of earthy melodies and broken beats… JenJen has a truly unique sense of musical aesthetic.. her music is like nothing you’ve ever heard before… Mysterious and intriguing." AnR Factory
"The uniqueness of your writing style will be a plus in this incredibly saturated market." Frank Joseph, Perpetual Music group (LA)

Twitter Handle: jenzen23

Today's Video Share: Old Southern Soul by Kim Martin

This is the official Video for "Old Southern Soul" by Kim Martin, the Title track to her 2017 EP. The video tells the story of the Old Southern Soul, and takes you along on some of her adventures back in time..A nostalgic song about memories of the South from another time... and Whiskey is the trigger/link between now and then.

Kim Martin is proving that location doesn't matter when it comes to delivering great country music. A Berklee College of Music graduate and seasoned performer, Kim Martin is firing on all cylinders when it comes to her 2017 EP, Old Southern Soul, on her label Bellavicious Records. Produced/Mixed by Hank Linderman (Eagles, Chicago). Old Southern Soul is the culmination of genuine heart with a fresh outlook on the country scene. It's got that chilled California vibe intertwined with the grit of Southern rock. The EP consists of 5 finely crafted songs Kim wrote, showcasing her incredible vocal range, bass playing, larger than life lyrics; and vivacious story telling. The video for the title track, Old Southern Soul has just been released and is hot! It's just one of five tracks on the EP that deliver.

“At times throughout this EP it was kind of a little Gretchen Wilson with a whole lot more of punches & kicks”--Steven F Adams-SoundwaveOne

Kim’s lifelong passion is music. Writing, sharing and performing it is what drives her and moves her soul. She has an intense work ethic as a fulltime musician, band leader, and recording artist, focusing now on growing and expanding her fan-base. Kim and her band are ready to take it to the next level with festivals, touring. Seeking booking agents/management.
In between recording and writing she is playing over 200 gigs a year and is a favorite at The Costa Mesa Speedway for the singing the National Anthem.
In July 2017, she enjoyed a week residency as a vocalist with Kevin Eubank’s Band (The Tonight Show) at The MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas for Microsoft in July 2017. December 2017, Kim and her band were featured on KVCR PBS TV Show Musicology. Spotlighting artists in the Inland Empire of Southern California.
For more info visit :

Twitter Handle: kimmartinmusic

Today's Video Share: Right Love, Wrong Time by Erin Bloomer

Written and performed by 15y old singer-song writer, Erin Bloomer from the South of England. Right Love, Wrong Time is her debut single, with US fans being her biggest growing audience, the track has been streamed over 350,000 times. Available to listen to on the Women of Substance Music podcast Show #691 on iTunes and Soundcloud and with her silky voice and captivating stage presence we will be hearing much more from Erin Bloomer.

Twitter Handle: ErinBloomerReal

Today's Video Share: Dandelion by Just Micci

This is one of my earliest songs I wrote when I was about 15. But the idea of it still resonates with me.

Dandelions are just beautiful flowers in the wrong place. They are perceived as weeds, only to those who don't take the time to learn about their awesome super powers. So here's to all the underestimated and beautiful weeds in this world. You are loved. <3

Twitter Handle: MicciIJR

Today's Video Share: Dark Light by Castle Black

Castle Black is a Brooklyn-based rock trio, bringing a powerful and thunderous sound, full of hard-hitting jams, never sacrificing the hook. Described as drawing from punk, post-punk, grunge, alternative and new wave, Castle Black refuses to be pinned down to a genre. Each song careens through an almost stream of consciousness depiction of life stories, social anthems and raw emotions. Gritty female vocals, delicate back-up adornments, roaring drums, canny bass and guitar-forward hooks collide, staying in your head for days on end.

"Dark Light" was the first single off their sophomore EP, Losing Forever. The video was filmed, directed and edited by Jeff Allyn Szwast, and was shot in Brooklyn, New York. The video careens through the dystopian and unsettling images of the song, offering multiple viewpoints and interpretations.

Twitter Handle: castleblacknyc

Today's Video Share: Peace on Earth by Wendy Jayne Vowden

Welsh songstress WENDY JAYNE VOWDEN (@Wjv_entertain ) sings her heartfelt call for World Peace, as a Prayer for the Holiday season. Wendy is an established performing artist, specialising in community care ‘singalongs’ in South Devon, UK. ( )
This song was written by UK songwriter GEORGINA HILTON (Hilton Music UK)

Twitter Handle: Wjv_entertain

Today's Video Share: Blue Christmas by Brenda Burch

"Blue Christmas" is the latest single from award-winning artist, Brenda Burch. Her dad was a National Harmonica Champion back in the day, so she brought him in to play harmonica on her version of the song. They had a great time together in the studio and on set for his cameo in the music video.

Described throughout her career as the little girl with a big voice, Brenda Burch as shared the stage with Darius Rucker, Neal McCoy, Collin Raye and Diamond Rio, among many others. Her latest EP, Sparks Will Fly, has garnered multiple awards including two #1 hits, two #2 hits, and she recently received an Outstanding Achievement Award for her work as an indie artist in country music.

Twitter Handle: brenda_burch

Today's Video Share: Winter is Coming by Chantmagick

My name is Marilyn McNeal and I am a musician, composer and videomaker working on folk pop, experimental roots music, and mobile phone videography.

In 2017, I started Chantmagick, an alt folk music and video project dedicated to original instrumental and vocal harmony driven music.

Chantmagick is my place to make folk/pop music and atmospheric soundtracks that weave together acoustically and digitally generated sounds.
I draw my influences from American roots music, West African music, indigenous and hand made musical instruments, Gregorian chant, English folk ballads, and nursery rhymes.

Currently, I am composing on acoustic guitar and piano, but at the beginning of the project, I focused on chanting over electronica. I have over 50 songs of this nature.

"Winter is Coming" is a change of season tune that pays tribute to shifts in nature and the passage of time. i included footage from around the UC Berkeley campus, Vallejo, California and my own back yard!