Today's Video Share: Blue Funk by Jessie Rae

Artist: Jessie Rae; Song written by Joan Meyer and Lauren Semler; Album: Blue Funk

This song is about my father's death. He said he kept feeling like he was in a "blue funk." It turned out he had cancer and died within three months. We dropped his ashes over Mount Hood, a place he loved to go. A photo of Mount Hood is on the Blue Funk album cover along with cold wax art called Letting Go by Vicki Moser (

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Today's Video Share: Autumn by STORMCHASER aka Whittney Mikkél

"Autumn" is the third track off STORMCHASER's 2017 LP "Please Stop Talking" and was recently accepted to Pandora Radio.
Track notes: Chilled contentment. Hints of nostalgia. First trip hop / nu jazz appearance. Heavily featured piano with the driving force of steady reversed guitar from Tom Bremer. Emotive reversed vocal samples. Vibe inspired by Japanese hip hop.
STORMCHASER is an independent musician and producer of ethereal electronic music. Their signature sound blends beautiful pianos with emotive vocal samples and minimalistic beats, creating a chill atmosphere encompassing ambient downtempo, hip hop, nu jazz, electronica, chillhop, and experimental styles.

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Today's Video Share Sign of the Times (Harry Styles) Cover by Rachel Layne

The first time I heard Sign of the Times by Harry Styles I knew right away that I wanted to cover it. There was something about this song that struck me as timeless, unique, captivating and powerful. The apocalyptic theme of the lyrics is almost soothing as the beauty of the melody is reminiscent of a lover’s consolation. I right away thought of David Bowie at the line: “breaking through the atmosphere”. It’s really an amazing piece.

Rachel Layne is a young singer with a powerful voice who regularly performs at festivals and events, including showcases during Canadian Country Music Awards Week for the past five years. Her “songwriting style has such a beautiful vibe, very raw and honest”. – Diva Shane, Music Bank Music Reviews She has been a semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Competition as well as a finalist in Music Publisher Ole’s inaugural “on the spot” contest. As an avid supporter for environmental sustainability and a youth ambassador for the Get to Know Organization, Rachel often writes about the beauty of nature.

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Today's Video Share: I Have My Own Life by Breeze Millard

BREEZE Millard's debut Single "I HAVE MY OWN LIFE" .....showcases an amazing young music talent from Outback South Australia.

BREEZE is the 2017 WINNER of the Whyalla Recording Scholarship.....

Purchase your copy of "I HAVE MY OWN LIFE" now at.....

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Today's Video Share: Last Goodbye by Exit22Music

Exit 22 comes at you with an angst-filled pop/rock production of their latest single, "Last Goodbye". Fans of Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson and P!nk will enjoy the latest sounds of Exit 22.

Exit 22 Music is a dynamic and charismatic music production company from NYC with a vastly eclectic background. Founder and main composer Chris Calamera set out to mix intuitive instrumentation with world-class production value and widely appealing lyrics in order to craft a blend of sound that transcend barriers and genre definition.
With over 20 years of diverse musical experience, Exit 22 Music aims to empower, educate and inspire the audience with creativity, passion, and soul.

Find out more and listen:

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Today's Video Share: Forget by Sherry Lynn Lee

The video for "Forget" is a nod to Toronto, the city which had inspired Sherry-Lynn for 6 years. A vibrant cultural hub and an inclusive community at heart, Toronto was the first place where she felt she could be celebrated for being herself. She has since moved to California, where she met her duet partner George Paolini. Together, they fused their disparate influences to create their unique blend of jazz, folk, rock, classical and singer-songwriter. The song "Forget" is featured on 23rd Hour's album "Perfect Strangers", which peaked at #10 on the iTunes new jazz best-sellers list a few days after its release. The duo has since been featured on FEMusician, Hypebot, CDBaby's DIY blog, Break The Business and several others, sharing their tips with other indie artists. For more information about Sherry-Lynn Lee & 23rd Hour, go to

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Today's Video Share: I'm Still Here by Corry Bell

In 2005, my 20 year old son, Beau, was diagnosed with schizophrenia, leaving him feeling lonely, depressed, invisible and misunderstood. This song, I'm Still Here, was written about his journey and the victory he felt through faith. It is my hope that it will touch the lives of people who struggle with mental and emotional disorders and the people who support and care for them.

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Today's Video Share: Broken by Kathleen Healy

Kathleen Healy is a hard-working musician & songwriter living on Cape Cod. She draws from her experience of living and raising a family near the beach for many of her songs. Some say saltwater runs through her veins. Kathleen writes from the heart and her honest lyrics and often poignant subject matter lend themselves to the unique quality of her voice. She admits to being a live music junkie but is currently not seeking treatment for her addiction. #saltwatersongwriter

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Today's Video Share: Heal My Broken Heart by Patty Felker

This moving expression of grief toward God is astoundingly honest, a faithful outpouring of emotion with an underpinning of Biblical strength in relying on God even through the seriously tough times. Remember that God hears your cries, understands your pain, and is there to comfort and console you. May this song give you a way to help voice the deepest hurts to our heavenly Father. Know that God is there for you, and even named His Holy Spirit the 'Comforter' so you could always go to Him as a child goes to their Daddy when they are hurt. He is always available to comfort the cries of His children. Written by Patty Felker shortly after the 911 attacks, and a personal attack on a family member which brought up past hurts, this song has become her most popular song on YouTube. It just goes to show that the world is full of many broken people who need encouragement. Patty is the owner of Noteworthy Christian Music, a small publishing company in Durham, NC, which publishes and promotes her music.

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Today's Video Share: I can't Make You Love Me by Sha'la Hunsaker

Sha'la is a singer-songwriter from Ferron, Utah, who has recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. From the age of 3, Sha'la has performed throughout Utah and the western United States. She was the featured artist at the renowned Helper Arts Festival, has been the local, regional, and state finalist for the Colgate Country Showdown. Her voice is strong and soulful with a three and a half octave range. Sha’la recently released her first album which can be viewed on itunes, youtube and amazon.

Twitter Handle: the_real_Shala