Today's Video Share: Broken by Kathleen Healy

Kathleen Healy is a hard-working musician & songwriter living on Cape Cod. She draws from her experience of living and raising a family near the beach for many of her songs. Some say saltwater runs through her veins. Kathleen writes from the heart and her honest lyrics and often poignant subject matter lend themselves to the unique quality of her voice. She admits to being a live music junkie but is currently not seeking treatment for her addiction. #saltwatersongwriter

Twitter Handle: khealymusic

Today's Video Share: Heal My Broken Heart by Patty Felker

This moving expression of grief toward God is astoundingly honest, a faithful outpouring of emotion with an underpinning of Biblical strength in relying on God even through the seriously tough times. Remember that God hears your cries, understands your pain, and is there to comfort and console you. May this song give you a way to help voice the deepest hurts to our heavenly Father. Know that God is there for you, and even named His Holy Spirit the 'Comforter' so you could always go to Him as a child goes to their Daddy when they are hurt. He is always available to comfort the cries of His children. Written by Patty Felker shortly after the 911 attacks, and a personal attack on a family member which brought up past hurts, this song has become her most popular song on YouTube. It just goes to show that the world is full of many broken people who need encouragement. Patty is the owner of Noteworthy Christian Music, a small publishing company in Durham, NC, which publishes and promotes her music.

Twitter Handle: noteworthytunes

Today's Video Share: I can't Make You Love Me by Sha'la Hunsaker

Sha'la is a singer-songwriter from Ferron, Utah, who has recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. From the age of 3, Sha'la has performed throughout Utah and the western United States. She was the featured artist at the renowned Helper Arts Festival, has been the local, regional, and state finalist for the Colgate Country Showdown. Her voice is strong and soulful with a three and a half octave range. Sha’la recently released her first album which can be viewed on itunes, youtube and amazon.

Twitter Handle: the_real_Shala

Today's Video Share: Chasing Cars by Xenie Horne

Xenia Horne recorded this arrangement of Snow Patrol Chasing Cars for a client event early 2016, working with Ivan McCready on cello and Jim O'Toole on violin. Xenia is also one of the StringFillies Trio and is looking forward to performing at Folk East 2017 where she is curating the Sanctuary Stage at the Minster.
She trained as a classical harpist before exploring the wonderful world of alternative, Indie and Folk music.

Twitter Handle: ukharpists

Today's Video Share: Madonna of Tears by Radio Stranger

Co-writer and vocalist Kelly Brightwell commented, "Radio Stranger's "Madonna of Tears" has struck a chord with many people and celebrates the power and resilience of women, in the archetype of the Sacred Feminine. The seed of the song came in the very first line: "I come from a long line of women who cry..." I thought about different women I knew and their inspiring (and sometimes heartbreaking) stories of strength and perseverance. The idea expanded to not just women in my family and community, but also to mythical realms such as the tale of the Virgin Mary (in her manifestation as the Madonna Delores) and even the concept of the Earth Mother. Seen through this lens, our struggles are sacred, our tears are transformational, and our open hearts can heal the world."

Today's Video Share: I'll Follow Jesus by Glenda Jackson

One night I lying in bed reflecting on my Christian walk and began to question if I really understood what that entails. In the wee hours of the morning I awoke with this song stirring in my spirit so I did as I usually do when the Lord gives me a song....I got up and wrote it out.
I am a mother of two, grandmother of 4, Licensed Minister and singer/songwriter. I love writing songs that glorify God!

Twitter Handle: SisterGlenda

Today's Video Share The Road to Damascus by Anne-Marie Lax

Anne-Marie Lax is a singer/songwriter from New Mexico blending folk, rock and blues style with positive, inspirational and encouraging themes.

This song "Road to Damascus" asks the question-"What will we choose to do when enlightenment comes?" Will we use to heal? To Love? These are the questions we must answer for ourselves.

Twitter Handle: Spiritdncrmusic

Today's Video Share A Different Kind of Life by Marie Chabot

My name is Marie Chabot, and I am from Massachusetts. I have been singing and writing songs most of my life. Last February I attended a songwriter workshop in Nashville, TN, and at the time there was a lot of talk about immigration laws, and the Trump's ban. Our teacher, Mary Gauthier, gave us a picture and a poem of the statue of liberty, to see if we might be inspired to write. I found an old room with an upright piano, started thinking about my grandfather, who came to the US as a child from Italy. The words and melody started to flow, and this song, "A Different Kind of Life" is the result.

Twitter Handle: mechabot

Today's Video Share: Cruel Expectations by Ali Sperry

I wrote this song with my friend Lauren Shera, inspired by our experiences as women in the music business. It's a song about holding your own, being selective about who you let in your inner circle, and self-acceptance. Both Lauren and I are heavily folk influenced writers, so it was fun and refreshing to create a piece of music that evolved into a dance-worthy pop song.

Twitter Handle: Aligreeno

Today's Video Share: Every Lovely Thing by Kate Stanton & Marianne Kesler

We are a songwriting duo made up of Kate Stanton & Marianne Kesler. This is our debut studio recording.
"Running" is an encouragement to free yourself from toxic relationships. Only the verses are text (Kate writing ;)
and all of the video footage shot on our iPhones! Our genres as a duo lean toward ambient, dream pop.

Twitter Handle: evrylovelything

Today's Video Share: The Trouble is Waking Up by Kelly Hoppenjans

The vivid imagery of dreams and the harsh light of reality serve as the inspiration for Kelly Hoppenjans’ latest EP. Through the five songs on the record, she has constructed a dreamscape of folksy yet unfamiliar sounds, inspired by the likes of Paul McCartney’s Ram, Imogen Heap and early Joni Mitchell. “I always try to throw something a little surprising into a song, as long as it’s supported by the lyrics—an instrument you might not hear often, or an unusual rhyme, or a unique groove. We used a couple of Indian instruments on this record, the dilruba and sitar, and I think it lends an unexpected sound to the tracks.” The lead single and video, “The Trouble Is Waking Up,” details the end of a tempestuous, Bonnie-and-Clyde type relationship with melancholy foreboding. Dreaming is Easy is Hoppenjans’ second EP, and takes the listener on a colorful yet stark journey through love, heartbreak, betrayal, and hope.

Twitter Handle: kellyhoppenjans

Today's Video Share: I am a Woman by Pretentious BubbleRap

I find often as women, we experience unfair judgment for being sexual. If a man has casual sex he got laid, where as a woman got played. If a man has multiple partners he's a player but a woman is deemed a slut. I could go on for days about double standards. But instead I wrote a song. I wrote it when I was discovering I could be an independent, confident, intelligent, and respectable human and still be completely comfortable with being sexual. This song is about coming into your sexuality as a young woman and not feeling the shame that society seems to think we should feel.

Today's Video Share: Headin' Back To Cleveland by Val Halla

Headin' Back to Cleveland is the lead off single from Val Halla's new album "A Walk On Part in the War" available now on all digital retailers and streaming sites.

Hailing from the middle of the Canadian prairies, the Saskatchewan singer/songwriter and guitar player has received praise for her old school sound that incorporates elements of classic rock, soul, blues, country, and even 90’s era grunge-rock. She has been described by fans as “Courtney Love meets the Allman brothers” or “Mellencamp meets Joan Jett”.

Val Halla has received words of praise and support from rock veterans like famed guitarist Elliott Randall, members of CCR, Gary Allen of the Charlie Daniels Band, and fellow Canadians Todd Kerns and Anvil. She has also performed as direct support to legendary rockers like Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Burton Cummings, and Eric Burdon of the Animals.

Val Halla will be embarking on a solo tour of Ireland and the UK beginning April 25th through to the start of June 2017.

Please check for upcoming tour dates.

Twitter Handle: valhallamusic

Today's Video Share: Take Me Back by Brenda Burch

"Take Me Back" fills the 6th slot on Brenda Burch's award-winning EP, Sparks Will Fly. The song is about having the courage to get out of an unhealthy relationship, take back your life and begin again with a fresh new start. The video was shot in the majestic red rock mountains of Southern Utah near Zion National Park and Snow Canyon.

Described throughout her career as the little girl with a big voice, Brenda Burch has captivated audiences in the USA, Europe and Asia with her energetic performances, rich Country vocal style and ability to connect with a crowd. Sharing the stage with Darius Rucker, Neal McCoy, Collin Raye and many others has given her the chance to convey tales of love, life, loss and strength in her music to thousands of concert-goers.

Twitter Handle: brenda_burch

Today's Video Share Oh My Love by Chantelle Tibbs

Chantelle Tibbs was born in the small town of Vineland, New Jersey. She would pick okra with her grandparents and visit Cow Town on weekends with her family. Around the age of 14 she was placed in a girl's R&B group that was to be signed by University records. She was kicked out of the group because she was too tall. "The music was great but it just didn't feel like me." When she moved to San Francisco, California at age 17, she found a connection to Bluegrass, Americana music. "It reminded me of long car rides with my dad in New Jersey." Fusing the Indie Rock of her current musical findings along with the sounds from her youth she and Eric Dudinsky of Mira Records came together to produce "Long Time Running"."She is your meat and potatoes in a world of GMO's". Chantelle's music has been selected for "The Last Alley cat" and the "All the Others Were Practice" soundtracks. The album "Long Time Running" will be released January of 2017.

Today's Video Share: Some Minor Noise by SMN

Some Minor Noise is an indielectro duo from Toronto, Canada. Their brand of electronica is simultaneously dark and uplifting, excitingly danceable while deeply emotional, and futile with the tiniest twinge of hope. Some Minor Noise make music to dance, cry, and break stuff to, and they hope you will join them.

The video for Some Minor Noise's "Still Life" is living life as if it were a waking dream, visually showing the feeling of being stuck in a never-ending loop where you just can't seem to get ahead. Every time you close your eyes, the world speeds up and you miss out, but each time you open them, the world slows to a crawl. Produced by Toronto production duo Airfoil Media, "Still Life" captures what it's like to be 'forever-stuck', a feeling so many artists know all to well.