Today's Video Share: "Barbie Can't Stand Up" By Memphis Belle (Mary Kay Maas)

"Barbie Can't Stand Up" will inspire your feet to dance with the inviting melodies of the harmonica and its infectious beat. The music video which has a vintage flair was filmed at the Palacio de Meres, asset of the Spanish cultural heritage in Asturias, Spain. The band's amazing performance in this video exhibits harmony and passion. The song gives a message about the consequences of women who are controlled in any way.   

Memphis Belle is a soul pop band with Mary Kay Maas on music composition, vocals and lyrics, Agustín Fernández Quiñones on guitar and music composition too, Rufino Vigil on bass, Manuel Velasco on harmonica, Iris Martínez on drums and Sam Rodríguez on piano. This year, the band became a finalist in the 40 Principales Radio Contest in Spain.