Today's Video Share: "I Don't Believe It" By Rachael Sage

"I Don't Believe It" is a powerful motivational song that will make your spirits soar. The song was inspired by Rachael's personal experiences in her youth training in ballet. She then struggled to manage the effects of bullying, but they didn't keep her down. She rose above all those painful challenges by becoming an artist of character with a beautiful soul, inspiring others to stop hiding in the shadows of doubt and insecurity. With swift, graceful and expressive dance movements, jaunty instrumentation and flowing vocals, this music video will inspire even the most downtrodden. The music video features young, soulful dancer, Kaci King, who is a three time National Dance Champion. 

Rachael Sage is a forward-thinking artist. She founded her own Indie record label called MPress records which promotes her releases and those of other Indie artists on their roster. Her music is coupled with her other talents in dance, poetry and visual arts which aid to its epic, theatrical feel.