Today's Video Share: Beautiful One by Ruth Ungar and The Mammals

The Mammals are a progressive folk roots band from Woodstock, NY fronted by singer / songwriters Ruth Ungar and Mike Merenda. Touring as a five-piece since the early 2000s, The Mammals draw from the deep well of American musical forms and present a highly dynamic concert that is authentic, inspiring, heartfelt and original. Their new record is called Sunshiner.

"Beautiful One is essentially a demo recording that I created alone in the studio one day. As I observe the gender stereotypes of our culture effecting our children by witnessing the interesting ways they each resist or embrace them. The movie-princess and super-hero stereotypes of a male and female dwell somewhere in all of our minds. Hopefully there are some much more interesting characters in there too." - Ruth Ungar

Twitter Handle: _themammals