Today's Video Share: Pace Myself by Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards

Laura Cortese wears many hats: fiddler, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, community builder, and creativity instigator. Her band Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards is a quartet of singing string players whose original music draws from diverse traditions and experiences to create a broad-minded yet clear-eyed sonic vision. It’s based in the lyrical rituals of folk music while exploring new territories, moving seamlessly from gauzy, ethereal vocal harmonies to rowdy indie-rock percussion to propulsive fiddle melodies directly from Appalachia or Scotland.

"Pace Myself" by Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards, co-written with Ana Egge represents the words we hear from lovers, family, teachers, and friends that try to shape us into something other who we are. Growing up, I was always "Too intense." Be less enthusiastic. Be more mysterious. Who were you told to be? Did you listen? This video is a reminder to create space, to reflect, and to celebrate as we define ourselves in your own words. #PaceMyself

Twitter Handle: lauracortese