Today's Video Share: Falling Out of Love by Aloud Aloud

“Falling Out of Love” is the latest example of the prodigious output from Aloud. Long known for their progressive, propulsive rock and roll sound, band members Henry Beguiristain, Jen de la Osa, and Charles Murphy opt to add a generous dose of classic R&B to the drive and deliberation of their signature style. A horn section -- affectionately dubbed “The Feelgoods”-- reflects the ongoing influence of Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin and other classic soul singers of an earlier era. It is, the trio insists, a natural bridge from their latest album, the highly lauded It’s Got To Be Now, and their upcoming full length effort due for release in 2018.

The video was inspired by a news item the pair came across about the Cassini Legacy mission to study Saturn over the course of 10 years. de la Osa and Beguiristain envisioned Cassini and Saturn as past-due lovers trapped in a loveless situation. The duo perform the song amid scenes of the spacecraft and the planet dissolving their relationship. Haunting sounds of Saturn captured by the Cassini mission end the video.

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