Today's Video Share: Dark Minds by Flor and the Sea

Munich-based Indie-Electropop duo Flor and the Sea was founded originally in 2015 as a 5 piece band project. The following year they released their first two singles Hold your Breath and Shed No Tear, accompanied by first major gigs at Digital/Analog, Muffat Winterfest and Import/ Export. Within short time they gained a certain notoriety, leading to renowned German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung electing them Band of the Week. After the sudden split up in early 2017, Marc Aretz (git) and Chaem (voc) decided to keep the project alive and continue as a duo. During the following months Flor and the Sea reimagined their sound from the ground up, incorporating new influences from the likes of Alt J, Radiohead and London Grammar. Testimony to this development is their brooding and multifaceted new single Dark Minds, which was released on March 19th 2018. Recorded and mixed by Moritz Enders, of Casper and Kraftclub fame, it features a vast and luscious sound world, rich in ambient guitars, ethereal vocals and vintage analogue synths, confronted by driving beats from a live drum set.

"The video features arrested rabbits and dancing foxes. The track builds up alongside the tension of the video with mournful vocals being joined by electro melodies and marching percussion. This track tells a story visually, musically and lyrically." York Calling