Today's Video Share: Tinted Glasses by Maggie Schneider

Maggie's new EP, "Tinted Glasses" (produced by Rian Dawson of All Time Low) is all about what she has learned in the last two years about people, relationships, and of course, herself. She says:

"The single of the same name is the most personal track that I’ve written, and it’s about struggling to making a relationship work when the person you’re with is pushing you away. I wrote this song after a long, rainy day – I was feeling low and wanted to write something raw and relatable. I felt inspired so the song was written really quickly, and the video was made even faster.

Britain Weyant directed and edited the video – I wanted it to be really simple and for it to visually emphasize an unhealthy relationship, and the difficulties of connecting with that other person. I’m proud of how the video turned out because I feel that it captures the feeling of the song."

Twitter Handle: rockin_mags