Today's Video Share: Not The Only One by Every Lovely Thing

Not The Only One is the 2nd single from the duo Every Lovely Thing! Available on CDBaby:
and iTunes: Follow us on Twitter! @evrylovelything

This song was written by Kate Stanton and Marianne Kesler (aka Every Lovely Thing) and produced by Ben Kesler at Red Pill Studio. Video footage by Every Lovely Thing. Shout out to Luke DeJaynes who played drums on the track and special thanks to Caleb & Kate Peyton who starred in the video!

We feel like the new song is very accessible … probably every one can relate to feeling like they are the only one in some situation during their life. On a personal note, we are reflecting on our personality type (both INFJs on the Myers-Briggs) that can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation, or not being understood. One favorite line is “weighed down with sorrow so much deeper than out own” as INFJs not only struggle with our own issues and perfectionism, but also deeply care about the greater whole of society and thus can become weighed down with the collective sorrow of the world. We crave being known (intimacy) with others and ultimately with God. Our duo is testament to the fact that there are others out there like ourselves - it has been amazing to find a friend and cowrite with a kindred spirit!

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