Today's Video Share: That Girl by Ashleigh Rogers

Ashleigh Rogers is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from Arkansas. With a wide range of musical inspirations, her own sound falls somewhere between Country, R&B, and Pop. She began performing and recording music at an early age, and by the age of 11 she had co-written her first song. After lessons in fiddle and guitar early on, Ashleigh later found a love for playing the piano. She made the move to Nashville in 2017, and since then has submerged herself in the writing scene there. Her self-love party anthem "That Girl" is the first single from her debut EP, recorded in Nashville, TN with producer Brian Bunn. They both co-wrote the song with Fred Wilhelm. The acoustic version, played by Jesse Tucker, is shown in the video, where Ashleigh also speaks briefly about her writing process and the meaning behind the song. The video was produced in Nashville, by Handmade Productions.

Twitter Handle: ashleighrogersm