Today's Video Share: Loving Like Breathing by Kyra Shaughnessy Willcock

Kyra Shaughnessy has never had your average career path. Raised with a deep respect and connection to the land, born in Québec, Canada with roots criss-crossing from India to Trinidad, to Ireland, her identity as an artist is nourished by an uncommon wisdom and diversity of experiences. Performing across Canadian and European stages since the age of 15, she recently released her fifth full-length album, Standing Still.

Kyra's video Loving Like Breathing was funded as a result of being awarded first prize in YES Montreal's Artistic project plan contest. Filmed on the rooftops of Montreal by French director Ben Fry and featuring b-girl Kate Lynx, the song can be found on her 2013 release Waiting for the Light.

Twitter Handle: KyraShaughnessy