Today's Video Share: Same Kind of Crazy by Gigi Rich

You can interpret the song in any way, but personally, it's about this guy I was really into. And he actually joked around and said, "Oh, we have the same kind of crazy." That's where I got the title from, and I worked my way around it. Then I took it to this writing session with Stefan Skarbek, and we made the song in two days! So it just came together really quickly!

I decided to do the video as a celebration of a breakup because sometimes the guy you're into can drive you crazy.... But then, when it's over, you eventually can see who he really is and think, "Oh yeah, it's good I dodged a bullet." So that's what I wanted the video to be about. That's why I'm partying with the girl [in the video]. She's actually my cousin. I begged her to be in it. So that's what the premise of the video is.

Twitter Handle: Iamgigirich