Today's Video Share: Dark Place by Ebony Buckle

I wrote this in last year in response to a woman I heard on the radio, who had called in to chat. They were talking about domestic abuse and how there are many people who don't even realize they are in an abusive relationship. They asked people to call in if they thought that might be them.

A woman called in saying she wasn't sure but her boyfriend made her wear ugly clothes like socks and sandals and tracksuits when they went out. He didn't let her talk to his friends and she wasn't ever allowed to dress herself in dressy clothes as he always chose her outfits for her.
The hosts gently told her that yes, this wasn't normal and that they were going to chat to her off air.

It was for her that I originally wrote this song. The woman who realized that there might be other possibilities outside of her situation. And the idea that the 'Dark Place' inside all of us is actually a wonderful place where we can truly be free. Where we can run with the Wild Women.

When the #MeToo movement happened I felt like I wanted to contribute something and so made a music video for the song. It's for all of the beautiful wild souls out there!

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Today's Video Share: Into the Light by Gerta Heba

Born in Albania and raised in Vancouver Canada, Gerta Heba is a singer-songwriter who has been singing from the age of five. She has performed in Brisbane, Australia and locally in Vancouver, BC. She plays guitar and piano but identifies herself as a singer first, and a writer second. Her true motive is to write music with a message, that brings joy to people and she is just getting started on her journey.

There is a lot of beauty in the world but not everyone sees it. As cliche as it sounds, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and I want to remind people of that when they listen to this song. I hope they will never stop searching for the light in the darkness.

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Today's Video Share: Graceland Trip by Patricia Vonne

Patricia Vonne, the multi-talented musician, actress, award winning filmaker & two-time SXSW best female vocalist winner, is back with her seventh album Top of the Mountain, out May 25, 2018 on her label Bandolera Records. The album is hot on the heels of her recent win at the Madrid International Film Festival for “Best Animation award” for “Huerta de San Vicente,” a music video and homage to Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. The song was off of her critically acclaimed all Spanish album Viva Bandolera that was featured on The Huffington Post and PRI The World alongside other tastemaker outlets.

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Today's Video Share: Speak Up by DANA Burkhard

DANA's new single "Speak Up" is more than a song. It's a statement, a young woman standing up for herself after abuse and encouraging her listeners to do the same, to find their voice. The song was written and produced by the 20-year old artist in Switzerland, while the video was shot in England, where she is currently based.

DANA had great success with her first EP released in 2016 and has been touring throughout the whole of Switzerland, Germany and the UK in the past few years. "Speak Up" is a taste of the next EP which will be put out in the end of this year.

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Today's Video Share: Dance Again by Anna Matthews of Santa Rasa

Dance Again (Jenna's Song) is the 2nd single from Santa Rasa, a creative mantra music project out of Sacramento, California. @santarasasound

"This song is a tribute to a friend, Jenna Morrison, it's about finding a path of strength, happiness, and understanding." says Anna Matthews, singer and songwriter for Santa Rasa.

Recorded in Sacramento at Fat Cat, the video was shot in Montreal by Mohan Champagne and is collaboration between friends and family. Choreographed by Kelly Mullan. Rap performed by J.Oler.

Twitter Handle: SantaRasaSound

Today's Video Share: Black Keys by Camille Nelson

Camille Nelson is a multi-instrumentalist from Salt Lake City, Utah. Her latest release, "Lead Me Home" featured her instrumental guitar work accompanied by a string ensemble. The album features both original and arrangements of traditional and favorite hymns. "Lead Me Home" debuted #8 on the classical-crossover and #11 on the classical Billboard charts.
"Black Keys" is a singer-songwriter original song that was a collaboration with Nashville songwriter, Ashlee K Thomas. Camille and Ashlee met in Nasvhille to only discover they had met once before. They are both from Salt Lake City where they played violin in the same group for over a decade and never knew each other. Camille and Ashlee have something else in common. Both their mothers passed away from brain tumors when they were teenagers and they looked to music to cope. "Black Keys" is the story behind utilizing music as a catharsis to release the sadness but also overcoming the difficulty of growing up with mothers who were ill. The music video contains footage of Camille and Ashlee's mothers when they were still alive.

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Today's Video Share: Hideaway by Scarlet Sails

Artist Name: Scarlet Sails

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Scarlet Sails' story begins with Olya Viglione. The Russian-born singer left her native Russia at age 21 with her sights set on New York City. Not long after arriving she toured as a member of Jesse Malin's band and shared the stage with a variety of bands. Then, as fate would have it, she met fellow musician Brian Viglione, drummer and founding member of the Dresden Dolls whose, credits also include turns with Violent Femmes and Nine Inch Nails.

With guitarist Mark Kohut and bassist Kevin Jones soon filling out the ranks, Scarlet Sails was officially born. The band takes its name from a 1923 novel by Russian author Alexander Grin, a story that involves a young woman who dreams of a prince sailing in under scarlet sails to take her off into better circumstances. The story was a childhood favorite of Viglione's, who recalled a favorite idiom from her native country, "How you name your ship is how it shall sail."

The band issued its debut album, Future From the Past, in 2017 with tours across the US and a special Moscow appearance under its belt. "Hideaway" is the first in a series of singles produced by Ben Rice that will arrive throughout 2018. The short film reminds viewers that sometimes what we're looking for has been in front of us all along.

Viglione says this of the composition: "When you find someone to hold on to and to feel safe, you find that constant that allows you a second chance at life. It goes along with learning how to trust again and how to be present in the moment instead of disassociating with oneself to not experience any real feelings. In other words, realigning with yourself through love."


Today's Video Share: Same Kind of Crazy by Gigi Rich

You can interpret the song in any way, but personally, it's about this guy I was really into. And he actually joked around and said, "Oh, we have the same kind of crazy." That's where I got the title from, and I worked my way around it. Then I took it to this writing session with Stefan Skarbek, and we made the song in two days! So it just came together really quickly!

I decided to do the video as a celebration of a breakup because sometimes the guy you're into can drive you crazy.... But then, when it's over, you eventually can see who he really is and think, "Oh yeah, it's good I dodged a bullet." So that's what I wanted the video to be about. That's why I'm partying with the girl [in the video]. She's actually my cousin. I begged her to be in it. So that's what the premise of the video is.

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Today's Video Share: Loving Like Breathing by Kyra Shaughnessy Willcock

Kyra Shaughnessy has never had your average career path. Raised with a deep respect and connection to the land, born in Québec, Canada with roots criss-crossing from India to Trinidad, to Ireland, her identity as an artist is nourished by an uncommon wisdom and diversity of experiences. Performing across Canadian and European stages since the age of 15, she recently released her fifth full-length album, Standing Still.

Kyra's video Loving Like Breathing was funded as a result of being awarded first prize in YES Montreal's Artistic project plan contest. Filmed on the rooftops of Montreal by French director Ben Fry and featuring b-girl Kate Lynx, the song can be found on her 2013 release Waiting for the Light.

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Today's Video Share: Big Shot by Remerge Band

Big Shot is about someone who thinks they are better than you and telling this to your face! Not expecting this "comment" out came a collaboration of this song by Tia Green and Melody Stuart of Remerge Band. This song came in the number one slot on It Matters Radio and has become an anthem of right of passage, so to speak. How can you tell someone that about yourself without having a song written about you.............uh huh
Big Shot

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Today's Video Share: Dear John or Jane by Joy Zimmerman

Dear John or Jane starts and ends with a typewriter tapping out a break-up letter. "You are a bicycle to my fish." The video highlights the ill-fated images and hopes that a psychedelic guitar solo will soften the landing.

Joy Zimmerman is a dynamic singer, songwriter and storyteller shaped by adventure and challenge. Joy brings compelling vocals, inventive songwriting, and multiple instruments to her engaging performances. Her eclectic music began with violin lessons before kindergarten, evolved with guitar lessons decades later, and springs from plenty of soulful moments in between. Joy’s songwriting awards include American Songwriter Lyric Contest Honorable Mention & five Walnut Valley Festival New Song Showcase wins. For more information, go to

Today's Video Share: Too Good at Goodbyes by Jordan Hurwitz and Rachael Ohnsman

Jordan Hurwtiz and Rachel Ohnsman, up-and-coming singer/songwriters, teamed up in Miami to produce this wonderful heartfelt cover of Sam Smith's 'Too Good At Goodbyes'. You can get all the latest from both artists on facebook @jordanmhurwitz and @rachelohnsman, or on their websites, and

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Jordan Hurwtiz and Rachel Ohnsman, up-and-coming singer/songwriters, teamed up in Miami to produce this wonderful heartfelt cover of Sam Smith's 'Too Good At Goodbyes'. You can get all the latest from both artists on facebook @jordanmhurwitz and @rachelohnsman, or on their websites, and

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Today's Video Share: Cygnet by Magdalucca

Alternative-pop singer-songwriter, and multi-media artist, Magdalucca is enjoying a creative rebirth fluidly expressing her unique visions of music, visual art, and film. Her debut EP, The Air Between, offers enlightening and emboldening social commentary, personal revelation, and wisdom gleaned from tenets of Buddhism.
The Air Between melds sensually emotive vocals and lyrics with an imaginative and cohesive combination of stringed instruments and classical music motifs with rugged electronic beats and fresh synthetic textures. Magdalucca’s aesthetic conjures the moody beauty of Björk, Portishead, and with the addition of her conceptual creations, Laurie Anderson comes to mind.
The first single from the The Air Between is the sublimely beautiful “Cygnet.” It’s an emotional centerpiece of the album because it’s the first song she ever wrote, and it’s tied to the birth of her son and Magdalucca’s difficulty, at first, with accepting motherhood. The song has become a celebration of her son and parenting, poetically conveying how that the baby swan swimming next to her in the river of life will eventually find his own way.

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Today's Video Share: Broken Bright Star by Castle Black

Castle Black is a Brooklyn-based rock band, bringing a powerful and thunderous sound, full of hard-hitting jams, never sacrificing the hook. Described as drawing from punk, post-punk, grunge, alternative and new wave, Castle Black refuses to be pinned down to a genre. Each song careens through a stream of consciousness depiction of life stories, social anthems and raw emotions. Gritty female vocals, roaring drums, melodic bass and guitar-forward hooks collide, staying in your head for days on end.
They have been described as “the kind of band you want to catch on the way up” (New York Music Daily), whose “sound is an inventive and stimulating mixture of genres,” making “Castle Black’s style one of a kind.” (Indie Rock Café) Castle Black is “capturing the NY sound with a subdued, crunchy Garage-band sound with a slight L-7-esque edge to their own concoction.” (Musically Fresh) Indie Rock Café selected Castle Black for their Best DIY and Indie Rock 2016 list. NY Music Daily included the EP Trapped Under All You Know on their Best of 2017 list, the EP release show on their Best Shows of 2017 list and the single "Broken Bright Star" on the Best Songs of 2017 list. Music Existence named the band among their Top Alternative Rock Picks of 2017.
Now, the band releases its third official video, this time for "Broken Bright Star," off of the 2017 EP Trapped Under All You Know. Filmed entirely in Brooklyn, NY and directed and filmed by Jeff Allyn Szwast, the band continues their foray into the dark and mysterious visuals to further their story.

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Today's Video Share: What I'd Do To Get Your Love Back by CeCe Teneal with Soulkamotion

CeCe Teneal & Soul Kamotion has been captivating the globe with original, live music for more than 16 years. Their blend of blues, soul and roots music uplifts and inspires audiences with messages of hope, love and the belief that anything is possible. They pride themselves on providing incredible live music experiences that transcend cultural and generational barriers. Their music is funky, fun, enchanting, powerful, faith-filled, purposeful, and reflective. It speaks to all stages of love and living and embracing our true life while reminding people to appreciate their blessings and not take things for granted.

The album’s first single, “What I’d Do To Get Your Love Back” was originally written by CeCe’s mom, international blues singer Yvonne Jackson, and when the band listened to it, the words took on a whole new meaning. “The song is an opportunity to reflect on what that moment would be like to get someone’s love back for just one day – a parent, sibling, friend or love interest,” said CeCe. “We’ve all been there.”

Twitter Handle: soulkamotion

Today's Video Share: Dark Room by MAWD

 ‘Dark Room’, profiles the feeling of isolation that so many of today’s youth experience. “I felt like I was going crazy, sitting in my dark, dingy, dorm room, struggling with the longing for a comforting feeling, trying to fit in, feeling like a stranger in my skin and discovering a new dark part of my mind,” reveals MAWD. 

‘Dark Room’ is an explosion of soulful husky vocals, over gritty guitars and powerful driving rhythms. MAWD has been compared to the likes of Elle King, Janis Joplin and Alabama Shakes. 

Her debut self titled EP is produced by Roger Gisborne of Los Angeles based record label Sound x3 and Josiah Mezzaschi (Rilo Kiley, Kate Nash, The Jesus and The Mary Chain) and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Beck, The Kills). MAWD has headlined sold out shows across the globe and will be performing at SXSW this  spring. INSTAGRAM - FACEBOOK - TWITTER