Today's Video Share: Swept Away by Malea McGuinness

Malea’s eclectic background explains a lot. Her talent, drive, and love of music have taken her all over the musical spectrum: part opera songstress, part singer-songwriter, part pop musician, part EDM sensation. 

Born in Texas, Malea is the daughter of an Irish Green Beret father and a Korean mother. At the age of 5, she was sent to live with her grandparents in Long Island, New York. After attending rigorous music programs, Malea pursued singing opera professionally at the Manhattan School of Music. Eventually the years of hard work paid off and landed her in a featured role in the Broadway revival of "The King and I".

Malea toured for years supporting acts as diverse as Train, Kenny Loggins, Shawn Colvin, Augustana, and Gavin DeGraw. Her songs soon crossed over into EDM, the result being a #1 hit on Billboard’s Club Dance chart with “One Hot Mess”. Another track, “Give”, peaked at #14 and stayed on the chart for ten weeks. A series of releases soon followed that managed to combine solid personal songwriting and lush production style: “You’ll Never Fix My Heart”, “Spaceships Fly,” “Earth Angel”, “Come To Me” and “You Are Loved”.

Twitter Handle: Malea

Today's Video Share: Feeling From the West Coast by Every Lovely Thing

Every Lovely Thing is an ambient dream pop songwriting duo. West Coast is our first try at a GarageBand recording. The opening line came from the demo Kate sent to Marianne - who took the concept and created a fictitious but relatable lyrical storyline for the song. Marianne shot the concept video with Kate as the actress.

Today's Video Share: The Way by Nita

Nita, an artist originally from the D.C. area and now in L.A., has a new music video out for her powerful new single "The Way", which speaks to the challenges of growing up as a 2nd generation Indian-American. The music video portrays the artist wandering through a dark warehouse, unveiling a trail of nostalgic treasures from her past which lead her to a beautiful discovery amidst the New York City skyline.

Like so many 1st generation immigrants, Nita's parents moved to the U.S. in the late 70s, seeking a better quality of life for themselves. "The Way" symbolizes her respect for the sacrifices her parents made to give her better opportunities in life, yet also the need for her and those of her generation to find break free from their limited way of thinking.

Twitter Handle: iamnitamusic

Today's Video Share: Drowning by Starr Faithfull

Drowning by Starr Faithfull shot 2018 by VFK Productions mixed by Bob St. John (EXTREME) The Boston band has played the East coast as well as Europe. Band consists of Jodee Frawlee on Vocals and guitar Geoff Kornfeld on bass & BU vocals , Aj Vallee drums & BU vocals, Jim Sullivan on keys. Jodee was a top 10 finalist in guitar player magazines Guitar superstar in 2011. AJ Vallee has toured the US with the Souther Rock ALL Stars.

Twitter Handle: FaithfullStarr

Today's Video Share: Carol of the Bells by Katie Kirby

Carol of the bells has always stood out to me in the amass of Christmas songs. It sticks in your head like no other holiday tune, theres something incredibly 'haunting' about it. Many people don't talk about or even know the true history of Christmas. Many of the traditions we still carry out today pre date the birth of christ and have darker origins than the cheery holiday we have come to know and love. Being a lover of history I wanted to find a creative way to play on this idea, so Carol of the Bells being a 'haunting' song I created what I thought would be a haunting music video for it, while maintaining a bit of fun, playfulness. I hope you enjoy!

Twitter Handle: krbymusic

Today's Video Share: I Remember by Joy Phillips

With a strong base in folk and deep undertones of soul meets country, Joy’s unique style can be described as many things. Originally, a classically trained singer, some of her most significant influences date back to the days of Cole Porter and George Gershwin where she fell in love with singers such as Lena Horne, Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald. “My Mother introduced me to all kinds of music”, says the young singer-songwriter. Joy’s lyrics bud from a very real place. Her songs often deal with love, loss and longing. There is always an element of irony in her words and melodies as well as a touch of sultriness. In her vulnerable attempt to depict these stories and feelings, Joy finds a way to captivate the listener with her striking and soulful tones while pulling on their heartstrings with her gentle cadence. With her highly anticipated debut album scheduled for release in the spring, Joy is already on fire and looking forward to a tour that will take her and her band coast to

Twitter Handle: AnnexAudio

Today's Video Share: Push You Harder by Mozart Dee

Globetrotting, trilingual and a triple threat talent, Mozart is a charismatic teenage songwriter, singer, actress who plays 5 instruments and writes & sings songs in Spanish, Chinese and English. She spent a decade traveling the world non-stop to 48 countries as a digital nomad kid and did a TED talk about how that affected her music. creativity and world view.

She is currently working in the recording studio on her debut album with Mikal Blue (Jason Mraz, One Republic, Colbie Caillat, Five for Fighting and many more. Mozart wrote this girl-power song a few days after turning 17 last fall when the MeToo & TimesUp movements began as she wanted to help turn pain into empowerment with a deep message, but fun, edgy bop. She also wrote/directed/edited/styled/produced the video.

Twitter Handle: muzicbymozart

Today's Video Share: Heart of Sorrow by Naina Jinga

Naina Jinga - is a composer and a classically trained pianist who specializes in light classical piano music with a romantic and sensitive touch.

Naina began playing the piano at the age of four, and writing her first compositions at twelve. She has appeared as a piano-soloist with Romanian orchestras, in solo and piano-duos piano recitals. She graduated from the "Gheorghe Dima" Academy of Music in 1991 (B.Mus), where she was later appointed as an Assistant Professor and, in 1998, as an University lecturer. She holds a M.Mus and a Ph.D. in Composition with a “Magna cum Laudae”.
In 2003, Naina Jinga moved to Canada, where she attended graduate studies in Composition at the University of Western Ontario, studying with Dr. Peter Paul Koprowski. She has written extensively in instrumental, vocal, choral, chamber music and orchestral genres with performances in Canada, Romania, Ukraine, France, Norway, Czech Republic, and Australia. She is also the recipient of many international awards and scholarships, among them, the Romanian Composers’ League Prize and the UNESCO award and scholarship.
In more recent years, embracing a new style - the light classical easy-listening style with a soothing and so touching romantic flavour - has won her a loyal fanbase and increased worldwide her popularity.

"We are the music makers and the dreamers of dreams ... Dare to dream!"

Enjoy this piano ballade composed in 2018 especially for those sorrowful hearts.

Today's Video Share: Time by Pamela Mendez

Pamela Méndez is a DIY artist from Switzerland who will release her first album through her own label PROMOTE LOVE RECORDS in Feb 2019. 
The lead single to the album also called "Time" will be out the 2nd of November. Thematically the song wants to encourage us to reflect on the consequences of our lifestyles: Are we investing as much time and love in the things that really matter? Pamela sees an overall political relevance in that question. Though being truthful to ones self often means taking a step into the unknown. A thing that Pamela is quite good at. Musically she is strongly influenced by Bands such as U.S. Girls, Grizzly Bear, Talk Talk but also more instrumental music such as Steve Reich or Bonobo.

Today's Video Share: Beautiful One by Ruth Ungar and The Mammals

The Mammals are a progressive folk roots band from Woodstock, NY fronted by singer / songwriters Ruth Ungar and Mike Merenda. Touring as a five-piece since the early 2000s, The Mammals draw from the deep well of American musical forms and present a highly dynamic concert that is authentic, inspiring, heartfelt and original. Their new record is called Sunshiner.

"Beautiful One is essentially a demo recording that I created alone in the studio one day. As I observe the gender stereotypes of our culture effecting our children by witnessing the interesting ways they each resist or embrace them. The movie-princess and super-hero stereotypes of a male and female dwell somewhere in all of our minds. Hopefully there are some much more interesting characters in there too." - Ruth Ungar

Twitter Handle: _themammals

Today's Video Share: Pace Myself by Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards

Laura Cortese wears many hats: fiddler, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, community builder, and creativity instigator. Her band Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards is a quartet of singing string players whose original music draws from diverse traditions and experiences to create a broad-minded yet clear-eyed sonic vision. It’s based in the lyrical rituals of folk music while exploring new territories, moving seamlessly from gauzy, ethereal vocal harmonies to rowdy indie-rock percussion to propulsive fiddle melodies directly from Appalachia or Scotland.

"Pace Myself" by Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards, co-written with Ana Egge represents the words we hear from lovers, family, teachers, and friends that try to shape us into something other who we are. Growing up, I was always "Too intense." Be less enthusiastic. Be more mysterious. Who were you told to be? Did you listen? This video is a reminder to create space, to reflect, and to celebrate as we define ourselves in your own words. #PaceMyself

Twitter Handle: lauracortese

Today's Video Share: Walk on Fire by Edelplanet Bjelde

Edelplanet is a musical project that wants to be emotionally challenging in its music and videos. The video is about daring to move on, even though it seems impossible. Surrender and dare to go through the storm and "feel" it as well. It is also about daring to trust and have faith in something bigger when times are dark and difficult.

Twitter Handle: Edel54

Today's Video Share: Down In Mexico by Mia Suzanne Walker

 Indie Folk-Rock combination Suzanne's Band is the official vehicle driven by Texas based singer/songwriter Mia Suzanne Walker. Career highlights include being Captain of the Air Force choir at Sheppard AFB and also being in a vocal group backing up Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. The anti-genre approach to her songwriting creates an entirely different basis to build on along with introspective ideals and the importance of self-worth laced into the lyrics. The video of Down In Mexico makes you feel like you really feel like you need to pack a bag and get away for awhile. The cell phone being chucked into the sand is a snap shot of emotion that we've all felt at some point or another with that "one person" who just can't seem to put down their phone! If you're looking for a deeper connection to life through music, Suzanne's Band is it!

Twitter Handle: suzannesband

Today's Video Share: I Know a Place by Line Bøgh

Line Bøghs music is light hearted, breezy and poetic, a playful scandinavian sound. When on tour she teams up with Christian Gundtoft and their live act is a cinematic concert where drawings and animations, tightly relating to the songs, are being projected up on the stage. Everything is handcrafted and created on the spot, and they go for a sophisticated yet highly entertaining art experience. The video for "I Know A Place" was directed by Christian Gundtoft.